Our Water

Mineral Water Bar

Our patented technology provides healthy mineral water, sourced on the kitchen counter.
Access to clean and healthy drinking water is a basic need. This essential necessity is currently unavailable and we are left to choose between: bottled water, which is a major contributor to the plastics pollution; tap water which is often contaminated; or filtered water, which often either provides only partial filtering, or extracts minerals important to our health.

Turn your tap water into pure mineralized water.


Tap Water Is Not Okay

Our tap water is not as clean as we like to think, and can contains various contaminants.




Drug Residues

Heavy Metals

Germs & Bacteria

Mineral Water Is Not Safe

Mineral water are exposed to air and soil contaminants, while their plastic packaging allows penetration of plastic residues.

Home Filtration Is Not a Solution

Despite being able to clean water partially, none of the current available home filtration systems provide a wholesome solution to all contaminants.

Active Carbon

Does not remove bacteria, pharmaceuticals and heavy metals.

UV Light

Does not remove toxins from the water, very aggressive to the water structure.

Water distillers

Distilled water with no dissolved minerals.

Reverse Osmosis

Does not remove all dissolved elements (salts, hormones), wastes water (2 glasses thrown to create 1 glass), immense pressure breaks the natural water molecular structure.

Counter-top filtration

Kills most but not all bacteria, does not remove dead bacteria. Does not remove pharmaceuticals and heavy metals. Introduces radiation into the water.