Who we are

We are a group of water professionals passionate about revolutionizing the way we drink, treat and utilize water. We strive to reconnect with nature’s technology, with a planet-friendly and innovative approach.


We are driven to treat water in a way that will reduce emissions, contaminations and stress on our planet. We are on a mission to explore and harness the immense unrevealed potential hidden in water for human flourishing and prosperity.


Our main focus is to provide every individual with the opportunity to drink better water that is optimized for their health and wellbeing.

Amnon Levy

Founder & CEO
Amnon has over 30 successful years in a variety of Senior Technological and Managerial positions in the water Industry. Some of his past positions include: CEO at IDE Technologies, Deputy CEO, COO, and other leading and directorial roles in the group.
Amnon is considered one of the few world-level experts in desalination and water treatment, with a proven track record of developing and constructing some of the largest & most sophisticated water treatment plants worldwide. He is also recognized as the developer and inventor of some of the most advanced water treatment technologies in the field. Amnon earned his B.Sc in Machine Engineering from Ben-Gurion University, M.Sc in Robotics from Tel Aviv University (cum-laude) and an Executive MBA from Tel Aviv University (cum-laude).
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Zur Genosar

Chief Business Officer
Zur is a senior business executive in the water and infrastructure segment for the last 15 years. In his former positions he was CEO at PCT Technologies, Director and Business Unit Head at IDE Technologies and Vice President of Mergers & Acquisitions for the Sybil Group
Alongside his vast corporate experience, Zur has an extensive entrepreneurial background as co-founder of SOLEX, one of Israel's largest developers of solar fields, and as the co-founder of Wisdom@Work, which specializes in optimizing team work and execution based on mindfulness, communication and personal values. Zur earned his Law Degree from the Tel Aviv university. He is also a certified senior Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Together with his military service as an intelligence officer, Zur is a well-rounded professional with a comprehensive 360-degree skill set.
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Ravid Levy

Ravid is a senior water expert serving at key positions in the industry for the past 15 years. His recent roles include both technical and commercial expertise: CTO of RWL Water (Fluence today) and General Manager of its Australian subsidiary
Ravid gained vast experience in evaluating and designing advanced water and wastewater treatment technologies for a variety of markets and applications. He has extensive know-how on a wide variety of water technologies and applications, in both municipal and industrial applications. Ravid holds a B.Sc in Environmental Biology from the Hebrew University and M.Sc in Environmental Sciences from Tel Aviv University (Cum Laude). He has several patents awarded and pending in the field of water treatment and desalination technologies.
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Our Mission


We are on a mission to deliver each and every person naturally composed mineral drinking water to support their health and wellbeing


We are committed to commercializing a holistic, viable and eco-friendly, whole water cycle solution, for homes, communities and cities


We are driven to explore the water world mysteries and develop technologies through their unrevealed properties


We develop, design and optimize desalination and water treatment plants to save costs, emissions and waste streams.

Why Water?

Our body is made of water. Water surrounds us, maintains us and revives us. Consuming pure mineral water is essential to our health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, nowadays it is almost impossible to get access to pure mineral water, free of plastic and contaminations. Water is often contaminated at its source, and assumes further contamination on its way to our homes. A solution is needed for sourcing purified mineral water on-spot: free from contaminants, over-filtration and plastic pollution.